Our Family Business

marc_julie1Marc and Julie Secours are the proud owners of Harbor View Window Cleaning. 20 years ago Marc was employed as an independent window cleaner doing mostly residential work in the Orange County area. It was during this time several customers would ask him if he had ever thought about starting his own window cleaning company. Marc thought if he did he would like to give “FREE MIRRORS & FREE TRACK VACUUMING”- to every customer providing a great value at no extra cost. At this same time, Marc suddenly found himself solely responsible for his two sons, Marc and Zachary who were 7 and 11 years old at the time. One customer at a time, Marc and his boys managed to develop a professional streamlined signature procedure which makes Harbor View’s services “valuable”, “affordable” and “second to none”. Harbor View continues to service these customers monthly and has expanded to offer even more value at no additional cost. Marc’s two sons, Marc Jr. and Zachary now manage their own individual “super-crews” consisting of 2-4 crew persons. Julie joined Harbor View in 2006 with over 20 years experience in Marketing and Sales Administration. Her background included teaching leadership courses and sales skills training to Fortune 500 companies.

Harbor View Continues to service these Customers monthly and has expanded.


Marc Secours Jr. joined Harbor View back in 2002. Marc’s attention to detail and high ladder work make him a valuable asset to Harbor View Window Cleaning. In his spare time Marc enjoys surfing and riding dirt bikes.


Zac joined Harbor View in 2006. Zac has achieved an AA degree from Cypress College to date. Zac aspires to be a famous actor one day and still attends college on a part-time basis. If Zac isn’t working, he’s probably surfing or riding dirt bikes, with his brother, of course.



ELVIS – Beagle
Elvis is our adopted Beagle who loves hunting and digging in everything, everywhere. He follows his nose for hours searching -fact is, he’s caught 2-birds in his mouth so far this year. His favorite food is anything but dry Kibble and Q-Tips fresh out of the trash can.


ROADIE – Labrador
Roadie is our farm Lab that seems to get bigger every year. Now at 125 lbs. he’s likely to knock you over with his tail and demand it’s time to play ball. Roadie’s favorite food is microwave popcorn and vanilla ice cream. Roadie loves barking for absolutely no reason and is up for playing ball, anytime, anywhere.